Terrorism, Extremism or Terrorism Are National Issues

The trick: Terrorism is one of the most serious problems facing the whole world in the late twentieth century. Terrorist organizations are the inhumane and barbaric acts of aggression and mental violence. Terrorists are the main culprits in organized killings, robberies, kidnappings and explosions and the destruction of property. It is also known as extremism … Read more

The current student unrest and its aftermath

Introduction: The student body is the future organizer of the country and the healthy organizer of the society. Disciplined students are able to give national life a taste of discipline. Disciplined and self-controlled students streamline their lives as well as fine-tune their personalities. This makes it possible for her to live an ideal life on … Read more

Odisha’s drought problems and their solutions

Introduction: Drought is one of the leading causes of natural disasters in Odisha in recent times. Even the poorest Odisha floods, storms, droughts and other natural disasters since the dawn of creation have disrupted public life in Odisha due to various natural disasters. Although Odisha has a wealth of natural resources, Odisha is increasingly prone … Read more

Odisha’s natural disasters and their solutions

Advantages: Odisha is an agricultural state. Most people here depend on agriculture. Agricultural work usually depends on nature. Farming is disrupted by natural disasters. As a result, Odisha is facing a lot of problems. No matter how distant, angry, and ugly nature is, sometimes human beings are creating different ways and alternatives to control nature. … Read more

Factors That Affect Drug Abuse In India’s Longevity.

Introduction: Among the various causes of the disruption of modern youth, drug addiction appears to be one of the main causes. Various types of drugs, large and small, make today’s social life sick and depressing. In that sense, it is possible the rescue squad wasn’t called for him, “she told the Associated Press. Doesn’t seem … Read more

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Repeat Tsunami Alert.

Introduction: Humans are social creatures. Due to its rapid growth, it has become one of the best animals in the world. Sometimes living in this human world can be very stressful and dangerous. From time to time, he includes himself in national grief. This is evidenced by the fact that many innocent people were killed … Read more

Believing Myths About The History Of Social Prejudice. Keeps You From Growing

Introduction: Superstition is born out of superstition. That superstition arises mainly from the ignorance of man. Although Indian culture, history and traditions are very important, from ancient times to the present day Some superstitions and prejudices are prevalent in our society. “It simply came to our notice then. Despite the advancement of science in the … Read more

Apply These 6 Secret Techniques To Improve Dowry Is A Social Problem

Introduction: Dowry is one of the most common problems facing the general public in Indian society. “It simply came to our notice then. Its social effects are as tragic as ever. Because the poor parents of multiple girls are taking it as a curse. Even in troubled social life, child-bearing parents are horrified to hear … Read more